CASR ~ Canadian American Strategic Review

A notice to CASR readers

The  Canadian American Strategic Review  was formed in November of  2001. The
CASR website was first published through Simon Fraser University in February 2002.
After fifteen years in operation, it seems like a good time for CASR staff to take stock.
The consensus was that it was now time to bow out and to move on to other projects.

So, as of  31 December 2016, this  website will cease to publish.

CASR staff wish to extend our thanks to our loyal readers and, most especially, to our contibutors over the years – the knowledgeability and imagination of  those volunteer writers  ( and  unattributed contributors )  has been matched only by their generosity.

Pages previously published in the Canadian American Strategic Review will still be available through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine preserves CASR pages originally published through SFU dating back to April 2002:

In January 2008, the Canadian American Strategic Review moved to its own domain. The Wayback Machine preserves those  pages dating back to August 2008: